GLITTROOM was established in 2023, based in Taipei, Taiwan. 

It is a fashion brand that produces digital printed garments and accessories. With the original intention of “creating the combination of art & fashion” and manifesting its uniqueness, artistry, and functionality. 

All the printing works are created and designed by GLITTROOM.

From depicting feelings and inspirations through illustration as concept, such as extracting colors, shapes, and composition elements from scenes or memories in life and transforming them into unique textile patterns.

Each series of products will be immersed in different stories, every story is created to make clothing into a silent language. By giving them soul and color, the wearer can establish their own spiritual world, and express themselves from the inside out.

GLITTROOM is an undefined world full of creativity. In this world, GLITTROOM will continue to embellish daily life with art designs, and create more works full of imagination by exploring the emotional feelings and imagination between people and life.